Custom Home Building Services for Scottsdale, AZ


Also Serving Cave Creek, AZ, and Rio Verde, AZ


Have you dreamed about creating your own custom home design? Artisan Building Inc can help bring your desire for a beautiful custom home to life. We are a full-service custom home building company serving Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding area. Through our custom home building services, we will create a custom home that meets your family's specific needs and exceeds your expectations.


Our Custom Home Building Process


Artisan Building Inc's process is designed to be effective and efficient while removing the stress. We aim to be your one-stop-shop in Scottsdale, AZ, for your custom home design process. We will be with you every step of the way so you are never feeling overwhelmed. Our custom home building process includes the following:


  • Lot selection: We help select the ideal lot and offer advice on home and directional placement based on the lot.
  • Loan qualification: Our team offers assistance through the loan qualification process so that your custom home dream can come to fruition.
  • Pre-construction meetings: We meet with you prior to construction to go over important planning details for your home's interior and exterior features, finishes and amenities.
  • Weekly construction meetings: We schedule a meeting once a week with you at the construction site to go over our progress and keep you updated through the building phase.
  • Final walkthrough: We walk through the completed home with you once the project is finished and go over every feature, appliance and detail to make sure everything is just right.


Design the home of your dreams in or near Scottsdale, AZ, with the help of Artisan Building Inc's streamlined custom home building process.


Contact Us


To get in touch with a custom home designer from Artisan Building Inc in Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding areas, such as Cave Creek, AZ, and Rio Verde, AZ, call us at 480-510-6387 or send us a message at



Pre-Construction Meetings


Before we break ground, you will have a series of pre-construction meetings that involve the selection of your custom home's exterior and interior features and amenities.



Weekly Construction Meetings


Once a week you will meet at the construction site to review the progress of the construction and any features that apply to your new custom home.



Final walk through


Artisan Building and the home owner will walk the entire project with a complete check list of all interior and exterior features, appliances, lighting, materials and colors schemes.


We have the following specialists available:


Real Estate agents

Mortgage Company

Construction Engineers


Interior Designers


Project Management



The following list details the construction milestones of progression for your custom home:


Underground plumbing

Trenching and footings

Foundation prep and concrete slab


Installation of utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer/ septic, well)

Roof tile installed

Mechanical systems installed (heating, plumbing and electrical)

Siding installed

Insulation installed

Drywall installed

Painting and staining

Floor, stair railing, trim, cabinets, window and door trim installed

Countertops installed

Tile installation

Built-in appliance installation

Lighting installation

Installation of heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems trim out

Custom flooring and custom built-in entertainment centers and storage installed

Freestanding appliances delivered and installed

Finishing touches completed

Final walk-through